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Creating a Salesforce Through Education


Widespread, Positive Impact

N2G has developed a comprehensive trainer certification to help fitness club owners, independent trainers, and online coaches take their supplement program to the next level. Learn the science behind what makes N2G products superior in their ability to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals. N2G Certifed trainers use their knowledge to motivate and inspire others to reach their full potential. 

Turn your trainers into your salesforce

Certified trainers sell more. It’s that simple. After completing the N2G Supplement Certification your trainers will be able to identify the needs of each client and make educated recommendations to help reach their specific health and fitness goals.

All N2G Certified Trainers receive an official certificate as well as an N2G Certified Trainer badge for their email signature, social media, blogs, and more!

Through competitive wholesale pricing, club owners have the ability to further incentivize their team by offering sales commissions. Is your business based online? Ask us about options for web coaches and more!

Get Certified

We get you started with a study guide, educational videos, and virtual seminars to prepare for the trainer certification test. Our trainers typically become certified within just a few weeks!